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Silvershine has changed since Zach and Monster-boy made their daring escape from the Grelgoroth. Now the Wall is gone and the citizens of North Silvershine are preparing to welcome the monsters into their city. But when a prominent leader, the mysterious Wolf-monster Mr. Snow, takes an interest in Monster-boy, Zach's suspicions about Morton's past are roused. 

Mr. Snow plans to visit North Silvershine under the guise of building friendly relations. But Zach knows his intentions aren't that straightforward. Zach's father's research into the ancient history of Silvershine seems to have drawn his attention, and Mr. Snow isn't the only one with his eye on the old artifacts - the evil Ms. Cutter is snooping around too.

And that's not all. Weird things are happening to the kids who escaped the Grelgoroth's lair, and no one can find an explanation. Lex is distant, and every kid at school is wearing odd silver badges.

As tensions between monsters and humans heighten, a dark plot grips the two brothers. Zach will find himself embroiled in a dangerous mission, one that will have far-reaching consequences for Silvershine Island... and for him and Monster-boy both.

Monster-boy: Lair of the Grelgoroth-Now Available!!

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The city of Silvershine is divided by a tall, concrete wall. On one side, live the wealthy and privileged humans. The occupants of the other side are curious and extraordinary monsters.

Zach Morgenstern's parents adopt Morton, a monster-boy, abandoned and discovered near the Wall. As the only monster on the human side, Morton faces challenges with fitting in. Especially when children of North Silvershine start to vanish, and it appears that the monsters are behind it.

Zach and Monster-boy take matters into their own hands. Crossing the Wall, they discover the cause of the disappearances - an ancient monster, the Grelgoroth. Buried deep underground, it has, with the help of a human scientist, been gathering power by using the energies of the stolen children.

Zach and Monster-boy must stop the Grelgoroth, rescue the kids, and escape back through the tunnels to safety before the mine collapses around them.

What neither of them anticipate, however, is the terrible temptation that Monster-boy feels to unite with the monster Grelgoroth against his adoptive human family.

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Ruth Fox’s Previously Self-pubbed MG Fantasy Accepted by WiDo Publishing™

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Reviews for The City of Silver Light

"Beautifully written with intriguing world building" - Christina, Ensconced in Lit

"I heartily recommend this book at any reader who enjoys something a bit out of the general line." - Sally Odgers, Children's and Teen Fiction Author