My first book for adults is now available! Get ready for a clockpunk romance adventure in THE WHITE PAVILION:
Five hundred years ago, Old Earth was facing certain destruction. In the country we know as Spain, a Clockmaker was visited by an Oracle, who told her that a new world must be created.

La Relojero, the Clockmaker, thus fashioned Tierra Mejor, a world governed by clockwork. Along with Seven Companions, she left the dying Earth behind.

But now, an illness is spreading across their world. Machines are failing, crops are diseased, and the Green-bands, led by a man known only as la Rebelde, the Rebel, are spreading discord.

Every year, the Daughters of the Pavilion dance to honour the myth is being performed by the Daughters of the Pavilion. Imre has been chosen to play the part of la Grulla. It is her task is to honour the Pattern by placing a white feather into the hand of a statue of la Oracula, the Oracle. At the last moment, she stumbles.

The Pattern has been disrupted, and Imre’s future is now in jeopardy. The Prince Regent, Thaniel, insists that she is brought to the Citadel. The Prince is young, easily distracted, and determined to bury his insecurities under a screen of drugs. Senor Grath, the Prince’s Advisor, is the effective governor. He dislikes Imre immensely - she is everything he despises. Then there is La Boca, leader of the mysterious Brotherhood, whose sinister plans seem to involve disposing of the Prince - and Imre is in his way.

Thrown from her old life into a world of politics and intrigue, lust and greed, tradition and romance, Imre must confront the Brotherhood and save her people. She will have to fight to ensure the final part of la Relojero’s plan is completed - and that the children of the Seven Companions can return home to Old Earth.

Monster-boy: Lair of the Grelgoroth-Now Available!!

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The city of Silvershine is divided by a tall, concrete wall. On one side, live the wealthy and privileged humans. The occupants of the other side are curious and extraordinary monsters.

Zach Morgenstern's parents adopt Morton, a monster-boy, abandoned and discovered near the Wall. As the only monster on the human side, Morton faces challenges with fitting in. Especially when children of North Silvershine start to vanish, and it appears that the monsters are behind it.

Zach and Monster-boy take matters into their own hands. Crossing the Wall, they discover the cause of the disappearances - an ancient monster, the Grelgoroth. Buried deep underground, it has, with the help of a human scientist, been gathering power by using the energies of the stolen children.

Zach and Monster-boy must stop the Grelgoroth, rescue the kids, and escape back through the tunnels to safety before the mine collapses around them.

What neither of them anticipate, however, is the terrible temptation that Monster-boy feels to unite with the monster Grelgoroth against his adoptive human family.

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Take a look at the cover for Monster-boy: Lair of the Grelgoroth! I love it, and I hope you do too. The book will be available in May 2017. Check back for pre-order dates soon!

HUGE NEWS! I can finally reveal... I have signed a contract with WiDo Publishing for my Middle Grade series, Monster-boy! I can't wait to bring you more news and updates along the way, so please stay tuned! In the meantime, you can take a look at the press release here:

Ruth Fox’s Previously Self-pubbed MG Fantasy Accepted by WiDo Publishing™

Book 2 of The Bridges Trilogy is now available! Click here to order your copy!

Reviews for The City of Silver Light

"Beautifully written with intriguing world building" - Christina, Ensconced in Lit

"I heartily recommend this book at any reader who enjoys something a bit out of the general line." - Sally Odgers, Children's and Teen Fiction Author